BD FACSAria Cell Sorting System

  • Benchtop high-speed sorter with fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell
  • Cuvette flow cell for superior fluorescence sensitivity
  • Up to three air-cooled lasers at 488-nm, 633-nm, and 407-nm wavelengths
  • Digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events/second
  • Multicolor analysis of up to 15 parameters
  • Two- and four-way bulk sorting devices for a variety of tube sizes
  • Optional BD™ Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) for sorting to BD Multiwell™ plates or microscope slides
  • Available BD™ Aerosol Management Option
  • No special facility requirements necessary

Download the pdf version of the operation manual and the software manual.

Lab Contact: Brendan Maguire